Diary of a Pigman

My life started in a swamp, and it was as nice as swamps get. I decided to leave. Immediately I noticed a black figure teleporting away, then it teleported right next to me! It looked at me with its purple eyes and said “Hi!”(fun fact! Endermen actually say “hi” and “what’s up” but it is altered and messed up and that is why you hear….whatever you heard) and I repeated back “Hi?”. He told me his name, “John,” he said then he went on about this “End” thing and a nether portal and how to build it and how it is essential to go to the nether to get to the End. I asked him if he knew what either of these things are and he said “other dimensions”. I started to freak out, “I’ve never even been to a different area than this one, I’ve only been alive for like 10 minutes now and you expect me to go to a different dimension?!!”

“I’m in.” I said “So how do we get to the End anyhow?” I asked and John answered, “First we ask a blaze (which live in the nether) if we can have some of their extra blaze rods (which they always have extras). Then we turn it into blaze powder and we craft it with an ender pearl (which John has an infinite amount of) to get an eye of ender. When you throw an eye of ender it floats in to the sky leading you to the direction of the nether portal. Eventually it will fall or shatter in mid-air so you might need a lot of them to throw and you’ll also need twelve of them to place down on the end portal itself. When the eye of ender falls and shatters you’ll need to dig down. Eventually you will find yourself in a strange maze. Follow the light until you find the End portal. At that moment, destroy the thing that is spawning silverfish and deal with the silverfish! Then place down the eyes of ender on the yellowish-blueish block and your End portal will turn into a night sky. Jump in and you’re in the “End”.”

“Wow, that is a lot to take in. So, how do we get to the nether?”

“Well, we either have to build one out of obsidian or we can find a player that’s a Noob that will leave their nether portal unguarded. It would be a lot of trouble to build one out of obsidian, so we should look for a player for sure,” He said, pointing east. We eventually found what we wanted, an unguarded nether portal, so we went through it. It was very noisy going through and when we got there it looked like hell, really – I’m not joking! There was lava and red blocks everywhere called nether eak. In the distance, there was red building. I was 90% sure that was where we were going to get blaze rods.

I was right! John said, “That’s the building over there! Let’s go!” When we got inside the building we started exploring everywhere. Eventually we found a cage with a blaze spawner inside. We asked them if we could have some extra blaze rods. They said yes and gave us 2 stacks of them. We began our journey back to the nether portal. Once we got there, a magma cube asked us if he can come too!  We said yes and we left together. Since we had the key ingredient and John’s wisdom, we crafted eyes of ender with ease. What a journey that was!  I can’t wait for our next adventure.