Happy New Year good fellows; I am the San Juan Gamer and this is my blog.  I live on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, USA.
The San Juan Islands are a very rural community; quiet, artistic, with their fair share of farms and woodland parks.  They have been slower to adapt to the Information Age; even today good internet is hard to find and never comes cheap (in some areas on Orcas Island it doesn’t come at all).
This is all to preface the idea behind sanjuangamer.com.  Living in the San Juan Islands with this unusual technological environment gave the islands’ fledgling gamer culture of the early 2000s a deep appreciation for elements like gaming friends who physically lived close, games with strong single player elements, and new games which were compatible with older software and hardware.
I am not saying that mainland gaming communities can’t or don’t appreciate these elements; I am saying that the discussions here will be lead with these facts in mind:

Does the subject game have a good story?

Do elements of its design contribute to poor online performance?  

How many multi-player games can human players run against the AI before getting bored? Or in other words: what is the games re-playability?

So thank you very much for coming along and may you find many helpful, fun, and informative examinations of games new, old, and from many different genres here at sanjuangamer.com.